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Beauty Fiend Lace/Melt Band

Beauty Fiend Lace/Melt Band

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Helps you achieve the perfect melted scalp appearance. Use it to melt your lace, lay your edges, and keep your baby hair in place.

For achieving a sleek and polished look on your lace wig, elastic bands can be incredibly useful. Here are some benefits of using elastic bands in your wig application:

  • Melting your lace: Elastic bands can help you achieve a beautifully melted scalp look by pulling your wig closer to your skin. This creates a seamless transition between your wig and scalp, giving you a more natural appearance.
  • Laying your edges: Elastic bands can be used to lay down your edges and baby hair to create a more polished and refined look. This technique is particularly useful for achieving a sleek and elegant hairstyle.
  • Keeping baby hair in place: Elastic bands can also help you keep your baby hair in place, which is essential for creating a realistic-looking hairline. By using elastic bands to secure your wig, you can ensure that your baby hair stays put throughout the day.

Whether you are using glue or going glueless, elastic bands can be a game-changer in achieving a flawless lace wig application.

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